Videographer Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT®) has reached a World status in less than 3 years.

After shooting Weddings & other Events in Argentina, United Kingdom, France, Ibiza, Monaco, Italy, Columbia, India, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Uruguay and Brazil, he has decided to share his unique approach with the international community of Wedding Videographers.

His presentations include Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Peru, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Great Britain and a growing list.


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10.11.2017 Articles

experimento kuleschov by alfred hitchcock


Andrè Bazin gave a definition about the editing process: “Creating a sense that the images objectively do not contain and that only comes from their relationship. The famous Kulesov experiment with the same portrait of Ivan Mozžuchin, whose smile seemed assuming different meanings according to the image that preceded it, perfectly sums up the assembly property.” Some years later, Alfred Hitchcock made a new version of that original experiment, but with the particular English mood.

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Alejandro Calore is Videographer graduated from the School of Film and TV in Rosario, Argentina, specialized in Documentaries. He has shot Destination Weddings in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Mónaco, Italy, Czech Republic and India, among other destinations. He also delivers Seminars on Audiovisual Language around the World.