Videographer Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT®) has reached a World status in less than 3 years.

After shooting Weddings & other Events in Argentina, United Kingdom, France, Ibiza, Monaco, Italy, Columbia, India, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Uruguay and Brazil, he has decided to share his unique approach with the international community of Wedding Videographers.

His presentations include Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Peru, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Great Britain and a growing list.


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08.17.2017 Articles

el video del casamiento de messi

Every return to Argentina gave me a new FACE TO FACE with Eduardo Perez Robledo. This was the keenness of knowledge and improvement in the audiovisual language that showed this fellow Rosarino, with whom I held at least 3 meetings. Eduardo had recently embarked on wedding cinematography almost as a hobby, but soon it began to absorb all his available hours, to become his work and passion.
I witnessed his professional growth, as well as the quality and level of his clients. The incredible news came to me in early 2017, during one of my stayings in Rosario. Eduardo summoned me to a bar to tell me a secret:
“I do not know how to start …” Technically I cannot tell ANYONE, but as my mentor I can not exclude you. I beg you to keep it secret until they allow me to make it public. ”
I began to guess something big.
“I’m going to shoot Messi’s wedding”
Even today I find it hard to believe.
But when it’s hard to believe … the facts. Eduardo’s career began with very low profile. And his clients were founded exclusively with word of mouth. Neither wedding planners, nor lobby, nor paid advertising. Mouth to mouth that finally reached the ears of the right people. And even knowing the enormous responsibility that an event of the genre represents for a videographer, I present to all of you the only official teaser of the marriage of LEO & ANTO:

Leo y Anto – Teaser de Boda from CABAMA Cinematografía de Evento on Vimeo.

Congratulations Eduardo!