Videographer Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT®) has reached a World status in less than 3 years.

After shooting Weddings & other Events in Argentina, United Kingdom, France, Ibiza, Monaco, Italy, Columbia, India, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Uruguay and Brazil, he has decided to share his unique approach with the international community of Wedding Videographers.

His presentations include Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Peru, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Great Britain and a growing list.


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05.03.2017 Articles

viste el nuevo vt 16

Did you hear about the new BT-16?
It is said that during the filming of STAR WARS (Episode IV), his director should include a brief dialogue between two assault troops (clones), and was in doubt about the content of this dialogue. What can two clones talk about? Then someone suggested: “Talk about weapons”
– “Did you hear about the new BT-16?”
… was finally the phrase. We videographers usually proceed in the same way; every time we meet: we start, continue and end up talking about Gear. I never attended a talk where the discussion was about framing, editing rhythms, points of view, message … It is true that because of our professional autonomy, we must have the knowledge and total control of our tools. But is it possible that they have become almost an end in itself, rather than a means?
By the way: – “Did you hear about the new BT-16?”
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Alejandro Calore is Videographer graduated from the School of Film and TV in Rosario, Argentina, specialized in Documentaries. He has shot Destination Weddings in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Mónaco, Italy, Czech Republic and India, among other destinations. He also delivers Seminars on Audiovisual Language around the World.