"When I started my quest for identity as Film Director, soon I realized I needed a theory to sustain my approach. I felt just "instinct" was not enough to do my job” -Alejandro Calore

REAL&SHORT® is the creative lab where Alejandro develops his Film Operas, a conceptual space where the artist brings his vision to life.

It all comes through with his MANIFESTO, a decalogue which identifies the rules and the guidelines of Alejandro’s work.

Alejandro invites you to learn the Audiovisual Language and Storytelling, essential starting points to discover and strengthen your own style.

To make this possible, Alejandro has created an Education program divided into three modalities: SEMINARS, MENTORIES, and FACE TO FACE.

Thanks to them, you will discover the benefits of a solid audiovisual formation, which will naturally induce you to write YOUR OWN MANIFESTO.

Remember: "If you don't know the Audiovisual Language, you will always be looking for someone else viewpoint, your approach won't have an identity, and technology will never cover this lack".