Videographer Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT®) has reached a World status in less than 3 years.

After shooting Weddings & other Events in Argentina, United Kingdom, France, Ibiza, Monaco, Italy, Columbia, India, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Brazil, he has decided to share his unique approach with the international community of Wedding Videographers.

His presentations include Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Perú, Poland, Hungary, Spain and a growing list.


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12.20.2014 Various


Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT®) Recognitions & Memberships

04.27.2015 Various

LOCATION: Copacabana, Brazil

04.25.2015 Trailers


LOCATION: Paris, France

04.24.2015 Workshops


VIDEOGRAPHER: Rocco Cartisano (
LOCATION: Bovalino, RC, Italia
DATE: April 20th, 2015

03.17.2015 Workshops

02.19.2015 Trailers


LOCATION: Porto Belo, SC, Brasil
VIDEOGRAPHER: Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT®) in collaboration with APOLO FILMS

02.11.2015 Workshops


02.09.2015 FILMS


FLEUR is an experimental Short Film shot in collaboration with ANV during Alejandro Calore’s Wedding Cinematography Masterclass held in Corciano, Perugia, Italy, at the beginning of November 2013. It is inspired in the photographic project by Damiano Errico (

 PRODUCTION: Associazione Nazionale Videografi (ANV) – Based upon an idea by Demetrio Caracciolo  DIRECTION: Giuseppe Colonese, Luigia Pansera, Alejandro Calore - CAST: Lexi Anderson, Cristina Giannetti, Benedetta La Vecchia – DIRECTORS OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Damiano Errico, Giuseppe Colonese, Luigia Pansera, Alejandro Calore – EDITING, COLOR & SOUND: Giuseppe Colonese – VFX: Gianpaolo Rende  MUSIC: Arvo Part – Seven Magnificat Antiphons – EQUIPMENT PROVIDED BY: Professional Service Cosenza (ANV exclusive Technical Partner) and with the special support of CANON ITALIA and NITAL

Canon C500 (internal recording at 720p – 50fps)
Canon 5DMKIII (Raw Video by Magic Lantern at 720p – 50fps)
Canon Optics – Nikon noct – Samyang

Shot on location in Villa Pieve (Corciano) and near Trasimeno Lake, Region of Umbria, Province of Perugia, Italy, between November 7th thru 9th, 2013

02.02.2015 Manifesto

01.28.2015 FILMS


“I bring a lot of memories. I left some footprints…”

This teaser is the Work in Progress of a personal project, provisionally entitled “Footprints & Memories”, a story about my recent journey through different countries: United Kingdom, France, Ibiza, Monaco, India , Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia.
In this documentary, I will confront my personal experiences with my searches as Director, trying to find a new direction, a new motivation, a new horizon.
This is a personal journey. Come with me.

REAL&SHORT® presents:
FOOTPRINTS & MEMORIES a documentary by Alejandro Calore
Teaser # 5: 1,334 km, Svíčková & a Big Hug
Shot in Argentina, France, United Kingdom, Ibiza, Mónaco, Italy, India, Spain Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia.
Coming soon

01.25.2015 Workshops


Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT®) Speaker for the Seminar on Wedding Cinematography

LOCATION: Budapest, Hungary
DATE: April 1st. 2015