Videographer Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT®) has reached a World status in less than 3 years.

After shooting Weddings & other Events in Argentina, United Kingdom, France, Ibiza, Monaco, Italy, Columbia, India, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Uruguay and Brazil, he has decided to share his unique approach with the international community of Wedding Videographers.

His presentations include Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Peru, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Great Britain and a growing list.


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01.29.2017 Articles, Press

REAL&SHORT Love 24fps

Agos & Rami | A Destination Wedding Film by REAL&SHORT Wedding Films
“This wedding film is incredible. First off, the very first shot? Genius. Secondly, I am in love with how the filmmakers made a conscious choice to wait until almost halfway through to really reveal the bride and groom. The first several shots are extreme close-ups on details, and boy did that pull me in and make the payoff worth it. And tying it all back together by the end. Seriously awesome shooting, too. Doesn’t hurt that the couple is gorgeous.”
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